Which are the Best Cities in the World for Nightlife?

As time goes slowly into the dark, many establishments close for the night to welcome a new day ahead. However, some places remain lit during the after hours. And those are the places where you will find people who are awake and enjoying the night time. These are attractions that are worth going to, especially if you have the knack for living during the night and capturing the city lights. And what’s more, there are scenes during the night that can never be witnessed during the day.

It is best that people try out nightlife once in their life. They will witness something that is entirely different, not to mention meet people that usually only goes out when the lights are out! The below are cities all over the world that are worth visiting during the night.

New York City

All over the United States, this is the most populated area, right at the heart of the Metropolitan Area. This city is widely known as “The City that never Sleeps”, and it certainly is a city suited to that name. This is where you can find some of the world’s best nightclubs, cocktail lounges and bars. When it comes to nightlife, nothing can beat New York City at the number one spot. The best places for dining and wining in this area include Soho and Lower Manhattan. Don’t forget to visit the Meat Packing District as well!

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a world-renowned resort city primarily for its fine dining, shopping and gambling. It is also the leading cultural and financial center situated in Southern Nevada. The city claims itself as “The Entertainment Capital of the World”, and has many places famous casinos, hotels and entertainment. If you are looking for a place to party till you drop, this is where you should go. Casino-hotels are flashing up their lights in every corner, amazing showgirls and nightclubs, neon lights – it is right on the Vegas Strip.


The capital of England and the UK, not to mention the largest city in the EU. London also has vibrant nightlife, with the West End and Soho being the most attractive places for those that love fancy bars and cocktails. Going to Dalstone and Shoreditch is where you can find the best clubs and their famous DJs.


The second largest city of Spain, right after Madrid. This city is the leading center for economics, trade exhibitions and fairs; tourists and also cultural sports. It doesn’t matter how one is going to party in Barcelona, as there is no early night in the city. One can choose what kind of thing they want to do in Barcelona, whether they go to restaurants, clubs and bars. If you want more action, head to El Raval and the Gothic Quarter. The most famous party hours are from 3 to 7 in the morning, so don’t expect any sleep during those times.

Who says these are the only cities to go to? There are more to find all over the world. Don’t miss out on these places if you wish to visit them now.

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