What to Expect from Paris’ Nightlife

When you think of Paris, you think of most of the stereotype or cliche things about France that you have seen on TV or books. One of these cliches is the cheese, bread and wine dining in a Saturday afternoon. France is also known for its abundance of food and places to eat,  but its nightlife is one of the things often overlooked by many. It might be because the most popular places to go out clubbing are probably more in other parts of Europe or in the US.

Like with any city, Paris is not a place booming with nightlife all over the map. You might end up in a place that can be very disappointing because you didn’t know it wasn’t the place for a good nightlife party. Where you go in Paris will entirely depend on who’s your companion and what your plan is going to be.

For most of what Paris is, the best place to be when the sun sets is in the northern districts. You don’t need a map locator in this are of Paris because you will love where you will end up. Since this is a large city, this place is broken into different districts. Each of them boasts its own “theme” as they say.

If you want the kind of fun where you party all night like how Canadians enjoy their time during Canada Day in Toronto, the fourth of July in New York or any major city in Germany during Oktoberfest, go to Pigalle. This place is filled with greater crowds and bars that you’d never expect. It is filled with lots of sex and more partying than what you have experienced. It may not be the perfect setting for a quiet date; it may appeal to the younger crowds that are searching to go from one bar to another.

Another place worth visiting in the northern districts is Montmartre. It is a place highly recommended for tourists. It’s got the most beautiful view at night and a place where greasy and fine seafood abounds. If this is the kind of nightlife that you want to enjoy, then this is the place that you should go to.

If you are looking for a place to spend the night like the ones you see in postcards, head to Bastille. It is a place filled with lights and loud music, a perfect place for those searching for a fast-paced nightlife.

It may be the only places in Paris that you will find the best places for nightlife, but if you have a friend living in Paris who knows its ins and outs, you are highly likely to find another place to hang out for the night. For singles and child-free couples, getting a glimpse of the nightlife in Paris must be in their to-do list, especially if you are searching for places to spend the weekend. Do some research first before you visit Paris so that you can plot your time and schedule on when to visit the places mentioned above.

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